Crying Over Spilt Milk?

In the past I used to think that phrase was silly. Who would cry over something as small as spilt milk? But as I got older and my mental health deteriorated, it honestly makes much more sense. There’s that one small thing that causes the breaking point when you have no more patience.

I started writing a post about Uechi the same day I did the art post, but I haven’t finished it yet. My cunning plan to have posts prepared ahead of time was foiled by mental health issues. I did NOT have a great brain day yesterday. I’m not entirely sure if it’s because I’m slipping into a mixed episode or if it’s just a manic episode. It’s hard to tell sometimes when you’re wrapped up in your own emotions and having trouble accessing Wise Mind.

Checking the Facts, I realized that I was fragile yesterday so making unrealistic goals was definitely not an option. I slept for a grand total of three hours. I was not sleepy in the slightest once I woke up, but that doesn’t always mean you’re well rested. I had a few packages that were going to arrive via UPS. My temper was short.

I’m the type that sits by the door when expecting a delivery. Amazon and UPS both had said my packages were out for delivery Saturday and never arrived. I had resigned myself to that fate Saturday. Our UPS person does come out on Saturdays, sometimes. At this point, I’ve learned that living out in the country usually means they won’t always come out despite whatever the website says.

One part of my order wasn’t among the packages and after investigating online, I discovered the item only just now shipped. It seems silly, to get upset, but I was nearly in tears. I’d been waiting two weeks for this delivery and the item in question was a belated birthday present my SO had purchased for me. Conveniently enough, it’s one of those TeeTurtle plushies that you flip depending on your mood.

I needed it yesterday to show my unhappy mood, which I knew was ridiculous. Another factor in my foul mood. I dislike not having control of my emotions. I can identify them, but turning them can be a completely different issue. After a half hour of word skirmishing with Amazon customer service, I had the necessary cry, comfort from my SO, then I launched into Opposite Action. Staying active when you’re sad is really important

I opened the packages that did arrive and was pleased to find my new case for my Photography gear. I’m not amazing at Photography, but I’m trying to improve my skills. Part of me hates how long I’ve neglected working on Photography. A lot of my work from college is far better than anything I’ve done more recently. I’ve worried a lot about keeping my gear safe though. Moving it around from place to place is normal.

I’m partial to the Pelican cases, so I finally splurged to get one. I’d seen a friends in the past and fell in love with the rolling case. I forgot to snap a photo of the case with the solid foam, sadly. After a bit of careful consideration, I juggled how I’d put my Digital SLR Camera into the case along with one of my lenses and my Digital Camcorder. When I first invested in my Canon, I didn’t realize the model I’d purchased was bad for recording videos. Which is why I have a camera AND a camcorder.

I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, but I did manage to get things done in a way that I can fit most of my equipment into the case. So now I’ll be able to transport it to karate class with more ease. And should conventions ever become a thing again, I’ll have it ready for long distance travel! Please enjoy the photos which include my orange assistant. No box can enter our home without him inspecting it.

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