Secure, Contain, Protect

My SO has dragged me along for listening to SCP’s. I really do love them and it reminds me a lot of stories that I’ve made up in my mind. It’s a testament that the internet can be amazing at collaborating to make something together. It’s really great because the SCP universe has multi-universes. So that canon isn’t the same for every universe, which makes it possible for so many different things to exist together.

The one my SO had me listen to most recently really reminded me of a setting that was in my old tabletop game and LARP. The setting was the Great Library, which is now a Homeworld for the Forest of Doors LARP. I helped write the culture packet for that one, so I’m totally biased. I really do miss writing for LARPs and tabletop games. The creativity and making things up on the fly absolutely reminded me of the make believe games I’d do as a child.

I won’t spoil things, but SCP-6000 was the subject of the video we watched last night. The Wanderer’s Library. As an absolute bookworm, libraries are definitely a subject that I will obsess about. Combine that with supernatural, fantasy, or science fiction style libraries, and you’ve got yourself all the makings of a bookworm-gasm.

If the idea of a secret organization who hides the existence of other worldly entities from the world while protecting them from from them as well interests you, I definitely recommend checking out the SCP wiki and some of the different videos people have made. I actually prefer listening to creators reading these tales, but I know some people prefer reading.

The Exploring Series is one of my favorite. I told myself I was going to work on Tarot cards, but part of me wants to sketch scenes from this story…

Thanks as always for reading, guys! Sorry for going off on a weird tangent today.

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