Taming Tuesdays

Sometimes you need to do small things for yourself. Like buying yourself $5 flip flops from Walmart because your feet hurt and you feel sad deep within your soul. I also got myself a small slice of cake and ate it mindfully.

I wanted to shove it in my face so badly but I took the time to eat it and enjoy the texture in my mouth, the scent of the icing, the sound of my spoon on the plastic… I got full really fast and was able to make it last for a second meal.

My extremely belated birthday gift arrived! Amazon sucks and this took so long. I ordered it in June then cancelled it because the order was holding up the payment of other items. Reordered in right after in the first part of July and it JUST arrived.

I freaking LOVE this octopus mood flipper thing… He needs a friend now. Sometimes finding words to communicate are hard. I like emojis, but those often get confusing for people. Urgh. It’s hard to water down emotions enough to explain. Still really do love this thing. Thank you, honey! XOXO to my nesting SO.

I made a super simple charcuterie board for my SO’s dinner today. I usually go more fancy when I know we might be eating heavily off it, but he already had a light snack earlier in the afternoon. I’ve had more motivation to do things for others so I’m riding that wave for as long as I can!

I hit up the new Dollar Tree by our house while I grabbed a Walmart order for my MiL. Even the new Dollar tree seemed lacking. Other people go and find all this stuff to reorganize their fridge or DIY the most amazing Halloween shirts. NOT MINE.

I got the popcorn containers and some treats to do a movie night with my SO and bonus daughter sometime soon. I hope. The sparkly glue sticks are for my hopeful seal attempts soon. I haven’t found a cute seal to write letters with yet. I need to get back to pen paling my nieces and sister. Anyone else like getting mail?

The fake empty book box was cute but it was on a random shelf and I couldn’t find any Halloween stuff. I’m hoping it was just that they were ransacked after their grand opening. I might stop by again sometime soon. I want more goodies! I also grabbed a spray bottle for my Bonus daughter’s hair. She has short curly hair that only sits flat when you brush it while damp. She never bothers to wet her hair so I’m hoping this helps.

School started on Monday so we shall see how the year goes. The big 4th grade… Oh lord. She acts like 9 going on 19. Call me by Your Name was the song she listed as her favorite on her back to school board and Pet Cemetary was her favorite movie. Urgh, that movie gives ME nightmares and I’m 37.

Her dream job changed again. She wanted to be a STEM scientist before now it’s Lawyer. Haha. I’m glad I never went with my childhood dream. Marine Biologist. I loved orca whales and the ocean. Now I realize I hate blood, needles, and such. Plus I have a phobia of deep water where you can’t see the depths. Haha, not ideal qualities for a biologist.

I might try to do a post on work soon. Thank you to everyone that reads and follows my blog. I’m working on doing more. I might be making a dice bag for someone soon. ๐Ÿ˜† I am so bad at doing commissions. I feel like I never charge the right amount. Or someone accuses me of charging too much for my efforts. I’d be less upset if it weren’t friends who inflicted the most damage on me emotionally.

Anywho, I rambled! See you guys tomorrow.

Window shopping on Amazon is dangerous. I found some cute owl seals.

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