Library Books and Snacking for Dinner

Requested lunch of the 4th Grader

Since I did not get to post the picture of my Bonus Daughter’s lunch yesterday, here you go. It’s a mystery to me how she likes to eat the same thing all the time. Then again, she will eat Taco Bell and always get the same thing: cheesey rice and bean burrito and cinnamon twists every time. With a Baja Blast. And she looks shocked when I bring her drink to her. “How did you know what I wanted?!?” At least she’s easy to predict.

MIL was canning diced tomatoes so the kitchen was occupied. So that was why we had a lazy Taco Bell run after school. It takes a lot of work to can so we always like to stay out of the way. I love that my MIL cans. I dread the day when I’ll have to do it by myself…

The last few days, my SO has been craving my “snack” boards. I love doing charcuterie boards. I’ll usually go bigger when I’m able to prepare and know we’ll have more people eating from it. I used to host hang out events back in the day when I had a home… also back before the pandemic days.

I heard conventions are a thing again?

Charcuterie Board!

We did not do the Podcast again, but we’re planning to next week. The chaos has been rough. I don’t think our brains have been able to process much beyond survival. People don’t realize what a struggle that can be sometimes.

My relaxation and guilty pleasure activity today was looking at a bunch of the library books I recently checked out. Can you sense a theme? My mother had a boyfriend right after my parents divorced that was from England.

His name was James and he was a charming man. I never was able to travel over there with my mom and him, but he made sure to include me in things while he visited. He introduced me to hot tea and afternoon tea. My mom also brought me the first Harry Potter novel back before it went viral.

Now I crave good tea party. I collect tea sets, but I don’t have one for a proper tea. That’s an investment I’ll tackle eventually. Until then I’ve got a lot of recipes to research, test, and perfect.

I used to work at a bakery and I’ve always been a huge fan of making treats. My SO jokes that I sorrow/anxiety bake. It’s true. I think I made about 25 loaves of banana nut bread the year my parents divorced. Major, stressful test prep in college? Five dozen chocolate chip cookies for every class I attendee that week. Rough day at work? Time to make cupcakes for everyone I’ve ever known.

I have gotten better at separating my emotions from cooking, but being mindful while cooking can really be a great coping mechanism. As long as you eat mindfully as well. Haha.

So what does everyone imagine when they think of a “proper” tea party? Dainty little sandwiches, petite fours, and scones while drinking dark black tea with creme and sugar? ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ll have to read and pick some stuff for a simple tea. If anyone has some ideas to share, please leave me a comment!


I’ve found myself brainstorming topics for my next blog post and it really helps keep me motivated. You guys rock. Thanks for being here and reading!

By the way, Happy Friday the 13th! I don’t know about anyone else, but I always seem to have great luck on these days. Maybe it’s just the way you go about your day that effects it?

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