The Neverending Story

This was one of my favorite movies as a child. It was made the year I was born! So I suppose it’s like my theme movie. Imagination! Dreams! The Nothing… Oh man, the Nothing is a real struggle for me. And BOOKS! Wow, I love books. When my ex-husband and I separated, I ended up having a really limited amount of time to pack up my belongs and what I could fit into my moving truck. I ended up leaving a lot of LARP gear behind and furniture. I did NOT leave behind any books.

(Argh, I lost a huge chunk of the post after this section due to my computer crashing.)

So, let’s try this again. One of the reasons I ended up keeping a lot of books is the typical book worm reasoning. Sometimes books go out of print. Sometimes a specific book holds a lot of sentimental value. I have reading versions and shelf versions of books. One of the series that I’m hoping to eventually buy is written by an author who is no longer alive. Diana Wynne Jones. She wrote Howl’s Moving Castle, which was turned into an anime film by Miyazaki. Parts of the story were left out due to conversion to film but it is an amazing TRIOLOGY.

The series I want by Jones is called the Chrestomanci Series. It is so, SO good. I have a set on my Amazon Wishlist since finding copies of the original print are very unlikely. British writer, the novels didn’t do as well over in America. Urgh. But wow… did I ever get off topic.

I was talking about the Neverending Story earlier. I have a paperback copy of that one. My dream is to someday find a hardcopy of that one as well. But that’s like $100 so it’s a far distant future dream.

A great dude that I know from my Convention Days does Resin 3D printing. I don’t think he’s got his website up yet, but I’ll be linking it here once it’s up and running. I absolutely love 3D Printing and if I had the space, it would probably end up being one of the hobbies I picked up. Along with using a Glowforge. (I’d totally start going hog wild on my miniature and book nook creating with those tools.)

I got myself an Auryn! Pronounced Or-in or Awe-in, though those who fear to pronounce the name call it “Gem” or the “Glory”. Auryn is represented by two snakes, one light and one dark who form an oval by biting each other’s tail. It is inscribed with the words “Do What You Wish”. In the movies, Auryn affects humans differently from Fantasticans, giving them the power to make their wishes come true at the cost of losing their memories. Atreyu describes this contradiction as “It gives you the means, but it takes away your purpose”.

It was recommended that I need to clean up any burs and blemishes that mostly come from the supports that come off the pendant after it gets printed. Once I do that I’ll prime it then paint it. I got a wax style paint called AMACO Rub’N Buff: Silver and Gold Leaf to make the Auryn look like the movie one.

Super excited to work on this little project. Just haven’t had the motivation to concentrate on any one thing this week. Today, I should be doing the Podcast with the Girls again. We’re trying to rally. Topic of the week: Crisis Talk. We’ve moved it to 4pm EST. Hope to see you there! As always, thanks for reading, guys.

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