Miniature Worlds: Work In Progress

If you recall the miniature Coffee Shoppe kit I bought. I started to work on it just a bit. Motivation has been difficult lately. My brain starts to like the idea of something. That’s the ADHD hyper fixation. And I’m open to working on the task, but then it sort of drifts away. I don’t think I want to use the actual building from the kit. I’ll have to think up some kind of frame for it.

Whenever I open one of these kits, I’m reminded how much work goes into it. I love it and hate it. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when you think about the task ahead of you. I’m pretty good at planning ahead for things, but I need time to get my brain okay with it first. If I have to plot my plan then immediately do it, I always end up feeling exhausted. As if I’ve already done said thing.

I don’t go through the guide book front to back. I pick a few items and work on those a bit at a time. Whatever my attention span can handle.

In this instance. I did the plant shelf, the dresser, and one of the tables. It surprisingly takes a bit of patience to glue the pieces. Nothing instantly holds or dries. I don’t have the brain necessary to do the cutting of small pieces right now. Some days are different. The other day I was just sitting and watching some anime while I folded pieces.

Just depends on where my mind is at. I’ve got a lot of books from my bookstore kit that I want to put in this project. I’m not sure … coffee, pastries, plants, and books … we’ll see what I eventually end up making out of all of this. I’m excited to try at least. This is honestly why I’d love to get a Glowforge. That way I could eventually make my own little furniture pieces. I’ve heard in the miniature community that Cricut Makers are really useful for making things as well.

Once I get some more progress, I’ll take pictures to share! I’m trying to get posts done ahead of time for the blog, but it’s just been a struggle. Every time I get an excess of posts done, I always end up having to take a day to recover my brain. I’m really enjoying doing this though. Sticking to it and writing every day or at least, preparing a post for each day has really been fulfilling. Thanks again for reading along, guys!

Published by Erin Seto

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