Sunday Best

I wish I was feeling good. I’m going to try and take a walk today. That summer heat really just has been kicking my butt. Felt horrible yesterday. Been combating blood sugar problems and then the heat during karate class really hit me hard. Got really dizzy and tired.

I really love this song and it’s been an ear worm for me lately. It really just has a great chill vibe even if I don’t feel like I’m blessed. Lately it feels like I’m getting knocked down way more than normal. I’ll probably listen to a bunch of Surfaces other songs to carry this vibe along.

I’m going to try and work on my miniature models a little bit today. No pictures yet since it’s a huge mess in the room and when I’m doing the initial gluing, it doesn’t look at that interesting. The instructions that come with the basic kit are super vague and don’t really label the pieces well. It’s a bit of a pain in the arse, but I do enjoy putting it together. There’s something satisfying about creating little furniture pieces. Especially since I cannot really do that with my real life furniture.

Oh man, if I could DIY my house the same way I do miniature models, that would be amazing!

Here’s the music I’ll probably listen to while I work on my miniature:

Very soothing and relaxing. Haha. Even as I drop the same piece like five times.

Sorry for the very casual post today. One of those troublesome days where I’m finding it hard to function. I chipped my way through my excess posts. 😭 I’ll have to use one of my better days to get ahead again. Suggestions? Things folks might want to hear about?

I’ll stop here and leave you with a picture of Cloud. He’s been doing MUCH better since his bath. Less itching and biting. He’s even stopped tormenting the dog as much. Then the orange menace is Thomas, the younger brother. Our silly cat boys. Both stopped by briefly while I’ve been crafting. Sadly the room is dark so I had to use the flash on them.

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