Tiny Chaos

So I’ve shared pictures of the chocolate shoppe before. I worked a little on that today. Put the sign and it’s hanger up on the building. Glued some of the treats into the case and fastened the cookies into their boxes. I really hate the wire chair and table that came with this set. They turned out terrible and just looked… bad. I wasn’t pleased with the lights for this set either. It didn’t work when I did the wiring, plus I felt like the power lines really cluttered it up.

For my first attempt, it wasn’t terrible and I don’t hate it. I’ve still got to figure out how I want to display it eventually though. Since this was one of the cheaper sets, only $15, I’ve thought about grabbing another one and expanding it a bit. And maybe using some of the pieces for other builds. For my other set, I’ve been contemplating getting some polymer clay to create my own pieces.

I tried buying some additional pieces for my build from the craft store, but the ratio’s do not match at all. The kits are so much smaller than what you buy individually. I bought some brooms and books thinking they’d be cute additions, only to realize they are so much larger than the kits. But I’m trying to use those pieces for something else. Remember the cute hollow book I found at the Dollar Tree? I couldn’t find another one or anything similar. Sad face, but I’ve got a plan!

I might have to go back to the craft store to get an arm chair, but I was thinking of making myself a little witchy reading nook! I also need to put something under the base to make it sit flat. Maybe do a felt carpet or something? Not a 100% sure what I’ll be doing with this one. Just got struck with the idea today when I was working. I also sort of wish that I could find a tiny vacuum cleaner. Since I’ve got a broom and a mop… if you don’t get that reference, you need more Hocus Pocus in your life.

I made a little notebook. I was going to put this towards my library miniature, but it’s far too big in size comparison to the kit. So this will likely end up living in my witch book nook. Urgh, the size differences are really a stumbling block. That’s why I want to make some treats myself using the polymer clay. I’ll use other things from my builds to refer to for sizing scales.

I still haven’t figured out what to use for my base though. I don’t want to just use the boards that came with the coffee shoppe or the book store. I’d like to make something a bit more square. Maybe something like this or this? I might take a look around at the Walmart next time I’m there.

I’m absolutely Manic right now. By the way. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been working on the miniature so much. The small details and intricacy of the kits really helps force my brain to slow down. I was up and about all night, rolling around like a loon. It’s really hard to make your brain go quiet at night when no one else is awake and the world goes silent. A lot of the bad thoughts come out and I honestly feel more anxious than when I’m depressed. At least during the depressed lows, you don’t have the energy to do anything drastic.

I couldn’t really remember which pieces I had snapped photographs of before so I just did another little recap today. Slow progress! It never looks this nice and organized when I’m doing it either. The chaos of the build is real. I’m always flopped on the bed, since I don’t really have any other place to build. Maybe one day when my SO and I finally get a Clayton Home, I’ll finally make myself a little crafting table and even do crafting streams!

We’ll have to see. I’m a bit of a loon and I talk to myself a lot while I’m working. Not sure if that would even interest anyone. I swear, it feels nice to log into WordPress to write the next day’s blog post and I see these notifications:

54-day streak. 55 if you count today’s post. (Which is technically being written on Sunday.) Thank you, guys, for reading! I haven’t ever kept up with doing something this consistently in forever. At least, not since I became an adult. I did karate as a kid then band as a teenager. I’ve attempted to do Inktober each year during October, but it’s been hard.

I think I’m going to try this year. I’m going to put a real honest attempt out to power my way through Inktober. Even if the drawings aren’t perfect. That’s always my stumbling block. I’ve overly critical and rarely happy with my own artwork. It’s one of the things that’s stopped me from drawing since my Dad’s death. Nothing I create has really sparked any joy.

So I suppose that’s a goal I’m setting now… in August. Now I’m nervous. Hold me accountable, guys! I’m going to do this! I’m going to keep up the blogging streak and participate in the October drawing challenge. Eep… now I’m going to go lay down and regret my decisions.

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