September and the LEGO Brain

It’s September! This is a volatile month for me. Bad memories. I’m hoping that Autumn starts to settle in here, but I sincerely doubt it. It feels like we’re rolling into the Second Summer and along with that, a heat wave. I suppose I’ll just have to crank the air conditioner up, drink a ton of apple and pumpkin flavored beverages, and think of Halloween to make it through this month. On that note, I wonder if there’s any Halloween themed LEGO sets…

I haven’t had the brain to create anything truly exciting with my LEGO collection. I got a really nice baggy of LEGO’s from the local McKay’s bookstore. (You pick and fill for a price.) I wish that my brain could create something amazing and cool, but right now I’m really just floating around inside my mind.

It was sort of mindful to sort through my new/old pieces though. I ended up covering the two small Ikea LEGO boxes with different pieces. It felt somewhat artist. It was also very therapeutic. Just focusing on the task at hand. There was not going to be any problems if I didn’t do this “correctly” so I was able to focus on it without stressing.

I was separating the different weird pieces and putting them on long, flat pieces to keep them “organized” into different piles. This is way easier than just pouring them into my LEGO box and pawing around to look for what I might need. Who else here likes LEGO’s? I know I’ve seen a ton of people who are invested in LEGO’s on TikTok, but I wasn’t sure if anyone else was casual like I am.

I’d probably display my sets if I had the space, honestly. I have some MARVEL pieces, some STAR WARS pieces, and then some DISNEY. I’m a geek… I’ll probably dig my sets out later to take some photographs, but for now, I’m going to clean up my jumble of pieces and head to bed.

It was late when I was writing this post. Just so you guys don’t think I’m going to bed at like 11am in the morning. Haha. I’ve taken a liking to posting my blog entry at 11am each day. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad time really. I’m sure the analytics might beg to differ, but I’m not really doing the blog to get famous. (If anyone knows the science behind when to post, PLEASE comment. I would love to know.)

I worked the social media for an anime convention up in Detroit, Youmacon. And for those posts we always did afternoon posts from like 5pm EST. That was since it hit afternoon for the West Coast, but was early enough after work for the East Coasters. I don’t miss doing social media for a convention, since people always acted entitled and pushy. I do miss conventions though. This upcoming weekend is Dragon*Con.

Some part of me yearns to go back to Dragon*Con because it’s like Halloween… for an entire weekend. Parties, dressing up, and seeing amazing things. I haven’t been back to Dragon*Con since 2014. I ran some tabletop games of Never After (my buddy’s Indy game), but was having a really hard time because I had strep throat right before the convention. I was somewhat better by then, but I still had laryngitis at that point.

My ex-husband stepped in to help me with the games, but there was a really bad vibe. We didn’t spend any time together the entire weekend and he was constantly with a “friend”. Someone actually sent me a conversation that he had with them right before. It hurt so bad to see how much he bad mouthed me to people. He came back on Monday at the end of Dragon*Con and pretty much let me know that it was over.

I won’t go into too many details about our divorce right now. I started writing a few paragraphs and realized how much thinking about it still traumatizes me. I have a lot of nightmares about my ex-husband. I was blamed for things. I was always turned into the bad guy. I was told I was emotionally abusive and that my love was conditionally, when in reality that was my ex. He always told me that he lost friends or had to isolate from friends because of me. I finally realized that wasn’t my fault after we’d been separated for awhile.

Some part of me thinks it would be good to write a few entries about being married to a narcissist’s. I just don’t know if I’m mentally stable enough yet to face those memories. Haha, sorry for getting so off topic. Just thought I’d explain why September really does a number on my brain.

Take care, folks!

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