This is Halloween…

Halloween started for a ton of people mid-August. I honestly love the holiday, but I haven’t really celebrated anything since I moved in with my SO and In-Laws. They don’t really decorate, except for Christmas and that’s primarily for my step-daughter. I absolutely love Autumn. The thought of cool air, leaves changing color, and apple/pumpkin flavored foods just gets me revved up!

So let’s address the big question that everyone always throws out there. What are some of your favorite Halloween movies? And I mean, actual Halloween movies. Not just movies that you could possibly watch during Halloween because it’s spooky.

I’ll be honest. Body horror is something I really can’t handle. Jump scares are also something that just doesn’t work well for me. I like horror movies, creepy pasta’s, and scary stories. I really do. But I’m also a weenie wuss. It’s sort of on par with the fact that I love spicy food, but I can’t really tolerate the heat of it. Anything above the level of jalapeños will cause my tongue to revolt and stomach will weep.

My personal TOP 3 favorite “Halloween” movies would definitely have to be: The Halloween Tree as #1, Hocus Pocus as #2, and Practical Magic as #3. While these are all completely “Halloween” themed, I also love watching these other movies I’ve posted below. They really help to get in the spooky mindset for the holiday.

Okay, so I might have drifted into some really good, bad movies at the end of this list. Some of the old classics just warm my heart. And they honestly sit above some of the kiddie movies, I listed near the top. I just got on such a tangent. I think I might start doing some Halloween movie marathons soon. When is it too early to start loving Halloween?

Pumpkin Spice Latte’s launched again. I haven’t gone out to drink one yet, just because I’m so picky about the flavor. I LOVE PUMPKIN. But Starbucks just tastes bad to me. That might be because I love tea more than coffee though.

Not my photo!

I didn’t take this photograph, but it’s really got me in the mood to do some Autumn themed photographs now. I’m thinking apple fritters, apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes, and pumpkin tarts. What do you see as the ideal Autumn foods?

Thanks for reading, guys!

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