Hibiscus Tea

Not my image, pulled from a vector art page online.

I love hibiscus tea. It comes in close second behind black tea. As a Southerner, we end up drinking a ton of classic black tea in the sweet, iced form. I typically like hibiscus straight up, but I’m probably going to try the recipe from that image up above soon. Hibiscus is often the filler that it used for a lot of fruit teas. I’m usually looking at the labels of the teas, because I’ve had interest in making my own teas… oh gosh, that’s like another tangent I shouldn’t rush off on right now.

Some of the benefits of hibiscus tea include antioxidants and lowering blood pressure. There’s a lot of claims that it can help with your liver, cholesterol, and weight loss, but I can’t honestly speak up for that. When I drink hibiscus tea regularly, I have to reduce my hypertension medication. That’s just a fact that I can actually check using a meter. I have to drink large amounts of the tea for it to be effective, but sometimes you’d just rather drink something tasty than take a pill, right? Heck, I suppose the data I’ve read about hibiscus tea helping to fight bacteria might be true too. They say it helps right a variety of infections ranging from bronchitis to pneumonia to urinary tract infections. And that last one used to be the bane of my existence. I have noticed a decline in that since I started drinking the tea more regularly.

Hibiscus tea is really simple to make. You can easily purchase it at your local health store or online. Due to it’s popularity, it’s started to be maid in pre-made tea bags, which you just steep in hot water, remove and enjoy. You can drink it hot or cold. Iced hibiscus tea is really refreshing in the summer time. It has a very tart flavor similar to the flavor of cranberries. I guess that’s why people squeeze lime juice into it to balance the tartness. I personally just sweeten it with a bit of stevia. And I almost always use loose leaf tea.

Not that I’m a tea snob. Because I’m probably the most uncouth tea drinker in existence. My family just drinks so much tea in one go that we use a coffee maker to ours. We have a coffee maker that was bought for the sole purpose of making tea. (To avoid cross contamination of the flavors. No coffee in the tea maker!) I just put a few spoonful of the loose tea into a coffee filter then let it go!

We store our hibiscus tea in a dark mason jar to keep it fresh longer. I didn’t think to take a picture of the tea seeping since I’d been on a manic rush at the time. Normally, I make like three runs of tea for the household while I’m doing other chores. I only managed to stop and snap these photographs when I was settling in to enjoy my cup of tea. It’s SO, so good.

If for no other reason than the taste, I suggest giving hibiscus tea a try. 🥰 As always, thank you, guys for reading. Your presence is really a present!

Published by Erin Seto

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