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Looks like Disney+ is totally going all out for the Halloween stuff. #Hallowstream

I was trying to remember some Halloween traditions from when I was a kid. I know that we used to have this wooden holder that you could put lollipops in. We’d make ghosts using tissue paper and draw little eyes on them. I’ve seen some people do something similar except they used googly eyes for them. Something like this:

I’ve thought about making some for my step daughter’s class, but honestly, I doubt the kids will really notice the extra. I wish I could send some cupcakes in, but nothing homemade is accepted anymore. I know allergies are part of that and then the COVID restrictions has limited things to only wrapped foods.

It’s hard to remember the old days. Are there any Halloween/Autumn treats you’re looking forward to this season? I traditionally remember candy corn, caramel apples, and popcorn balls… but I know things have really drifted away from that. I’ve been looking at some cute recipes online and I’ve fallen in love with a couple.

Cookies and pretzels covered in chocolate decorated up as ghosts, pumpkins, and ghouls. Cookies dolled up as spiders or witch’s hats. Rice crispy treats with some extra bling! I love the toaster treats that look like mummies. None of these images are my own. I’ll have to snap a few photos if I end up making anything.

I really want to make some caramel apples or popcorn balls…

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