Corgi Puppies

I don’t want to seem like I’m moving on quickly from the loss of Mango or Velveteen, but I’ve been brainstorming my next pet for a few years now. I’ve wanted something that will keep me active. Needing to take a dog out to potty regularly throughout the day is really useful for that. And before COVID happened, I used to walk my Inlaw’s dog at the park regularly. At some point during the pandemic, they just preferred that I didn’t take the dog on my trips.

I personally would like a Corgi. My SO has expressed interest in an English or French Bulldog. At some point, we’ve talked about getting both as puppies so they grow up together. Now before everyone jumps down my throat about adopting instead of shopping, I’ll say that every one of my past pets have always been rescues that someone has passed on to me. And I completely agree that saving an animal from the shelter is the best course of action. But a selfish part of myself really wants to get a pet that will be with me a bit longer.

My heart just can’t take the idea of adopting an older dog right now. The thought of bonding with and loosing another furry friend within the next five years tears my heart apart. We’re honestly still in the planning phase as well. I’ve got my eyes on some of the Corgi rescues in the area. If an ideal dog pops up on my radar, I most definitely will jump at the chance. So far a lot of the listed dogs for adoption are hostile towards other animals and cannot be around small children, which are both hard NO’s for our hosing situation.

Currently, my biggest fear is that more Corgi’s going up for adoption will end up happening sooner than later since the Cowboy Bebop anime is getting rebooted into a live-action series.

Ein the Corgi on that show might or might now start a trend of Corgi puppies just like the Dalmatian fiasco back when the 101 Dalmatian movie was at it’s highest hype. As someone who has had a Dalmatian in the past, I can tell you, they are very active dogs with an interesting temperament.

I was mostly checking out different Corgi breeders in the area to see what they are like and get the basic idea of cost. They range from anywhere as low as $1500 to $3000. I did a bit of an “OOF” when the local Petland quoted me the $3k. It wrenched my heart when this breeder popped me a random message today. Aren’t they adorable?!?

I’ve only got a bit of money put away in my Corgi fund. Vet costs and food and other necessities aren’t a problem, but throwing down that much hard cash in one go is the main issue. I’ve also considered working on training my Corgi to do some health care tasks. It would likely be a good mental activity for them. Diabetic Service Dogs are highly expensive and take quite a bit of time to train.

I think I might be in the minority, but I absolutely LOVE the Cardigan breed of Corgi’s. The tails are so cute! I’ve never actually had a smaller dog. We had a Dalmatian when I was growing up as a child then a Chocolate Labrador through my teenage/college years. One of my Mom’s boyfriends had a Great Dane that I was absolutely in love with. And when I moved in with my SO and his Inlaws’, we had four mixed mutts. Which are some of the best!

It’s one of the reasons I’m so invested in getting a puppy though. We’ve lost four elderly dogs, an ancient cat, a geriatric cockatiel, and my old biddy of a bunny in the past six years. Velveteen was my travel buddy, I definitely miss having a fluffy friend to go places with me. Do you guys have a breed of dog you love the most?

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