Inktober 2021 Day 3: VESSEL


  1. a ship or large boat.
  2. a hollow container, especially one used to hold liquid, such as a bowl or cask.

We decided to do a ship since my step daughter thought a bowl would be boring. Part of me was interesting in doing a variation different from this, which I might try to do digitally at a later point. This project started for me in September. I know you’re supposed to draw once a day in October, but since my step daughter doesn’t stay with us throughout the entire week, I had to alter it a bit.

We have her four days out of the week, but that ‘s usually along with three school days and the one weekend day involves karate. As you can imagine, the schedule is very chaotic and hectic. So we’ve been slipping in drawing when possible.

My first attempt at this picture involved a reference and I drew it too high on the page to fit the sails. So I had to go back, erase it, and restart. Thus all the erased pencil markings. Ironic since I always chastise my step daughter for bearing down too hard on her drawing notebook.

My step daughter isn’t a fan of looking at references and attempts to go by her imagination or her memory. Not a horrible thing for a nine-year-old, honestly. We’re still working on the idea of just using pencil marks lightly. She really wanted to use her new Crayola markers for this one so she decided the ocean and the sky needed it.

We’ve also talked about a Disney cruise eventually. Urgh, it seems unaffordable right now, but we can dream, right? Any who, thanks for checking in today, guys!

Published by Erin Seto

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