Inktober 2021 Day 31: RISK

The pencil I used for some of these sketches turned out to be very light. Urgh.

Okay, done with Inktober. Final drawing complete! I did it! I made it all the way through the month of October doing the sketch challenge. FIRST. TIME. EVER. I’ll have to go back and touch up drawings later and snap some pictures of my step daughters drawings eventually. She did some more, but her drawing sketchbook tends to go missing. AKA her room is so chaotic I don’t know where it is hidden.

My posts have really been short this month since I’ve been using most of my brain power just to be able to doodle these drawings. I’m ready to go back to writing again, but I hope I haven’t fried my brain. Like kids during Summer break that just loose all their knowledge from goofing around for three months?

At least I’ve been keeping myself really busy these past few weeks. Between the drawings and trying to write a few posts to stay ahead of the curve. Keeping up with the blog has really been helpful for my mental health. I don’t know why, but I really haven’t had quite as hard of a time lately. There’s still a lot of bad things and troubles in my life, but I feel like I’ve been able to process them a bit better. Or I might just be really optimistic right now.

I haven’t stuck with something this long before. I mean, as a kid I was in TKD and band, but since I became an adult I’ve never really kept a project up that wasn’t an obligation for work. I did do a live-action roleplaying game as a Gamemaster for a large number of years, but I ended up stepping away the year I had my last hospitalized suicide attempt. And it still makes me a bit sad that I let that hobby drop. I’ll leave that for another post, but I’m really glad to be working on Atelier Whootique regularly.

I don’t really have a service to offer to people. I like creating things, but I’m not really considering this something that people can commission me to do. I’ve never really been able to be consistent enough with my artwork to do pieces people ask me about. I do paintings sporadically and usually drawings are something I’m only motivated to do when the subject is something I’m interested in. Like the Tarot Card project …. I haven’t been able to touch it in months.

I was so gung-ho to work on it when I first came up with the idea. Hopefully eventually my brain will swing back around to it. I suppose that’s why I’m so happy that the Inktober challenge is over and done with! I did it~! And… maybe I’ll do the 52 week challenge too. One sketch a week sounds totally attainable. We’ll see. Thanks, guys for sticking with me this month. I really appreciate knowing there are folks that read my posts out there.

Published by Erin Seto

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