I am always the type to overpack. When we go on a trip, I always want to make sure to have everything you might need in case of an emergency. That always means extra clothes, proper medications, and anything else in between. Even when it comes to going out for daily errands, I like to have everything I might need.

Days like today are usually situations I like to avoid. Yesterday I was supposed to go get some meds in town but I didn’t have enough spoons. I decided I would get the meds. Fortunately, I also ended up being the person who has to drive my mother-in-law to her doctor’s appointment.

I know that doesn’t sound like much for some people. When you’ve got a lot of anxiety, getting some of the small things done takes so much out of you. The mental strain of going to the pharmacy can be really tough for me. I use a pharmacy that is in the largest town close which is about 45 minutes away.

A lot of times people ask why I use the pharmacy I do, the therapist I use, and the doctor I use. They all are a part of the same Healthcare Network which assists me in getting the aid I need. They help with paperwork that gets my medications discounted.

My psych meds without insurance can cost $2,000 alone. I have two different insulins and a few other diabetic medications that would be extremely expensive without help. I feel incredibly lucky to have this organizations help. Whenever there are issues was getting my meds, I can usually just walk over to the patient assistance office down the hall from the pharmacy.

I am crossing my fingers that running these are two major errands will go all right. I like to use accumulated positives to make my way through anxiety-inducing events. I always have my phone, my tablet, and a book. These are a few of my cope ahead as well. If I mean to wait a prolonged amount of time, I don’t mind since I have things to entertain myself. Distracting yourself from the anxiety really helps.

Going out in public has always caused me a lot of stress. It’s not actually going out that upsets me, it’s the possibility of events outside my control causing me to have a meltdown that worries me. It’s gotten a lot better since I started DBT therapy.

I often try to reward myself with a treat after I have accomplished something that I would rather put off. When we were children, we would get stickers or other awards for accomplishments. I know to let some people say that is what is wrong with millennials. Maybe that is true. But I would really like a sticker that says, “Congratulations, you adulted today.”

Selfie Time! OMG the guy in the car next to me is staring. I am such a dork…

Well, I suppose I’ll wrap the post up there. I still have a bit of time left to wait for my mother-in-law. I hope you enjoyed this post. I actually used my phone to write this one. Using the voice-to-text option was interesting. My accent and stutter seem to make it a little harder. It’s still easier than typing on the screen with my chubby little fingers. I will likely have to re-read this post later at home for corrections. Thanks as always for reading!

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