Order Up

My SO had to work the night shift for a week while a coworker was out sick. It meant a lot of changes and the flipping of schedules. I did the same so that he’d have company. One of the nights he worked, my stepdaughter was with us and did not want to disturb us during our daytime nap. (She was hanging out with her grandparents, she wasn’t alone.)

I try not to assume what she wants in her lunch. She’s gotten fairly picky about what she’ll eat these days. She used the white board on the fridge to write up what she wanted and it came in handy in the morning when my brain is still half asleep. Are any of you morning people? I need a ton of sleep and I need a lot of time to get my brain juices flowing.

The last of the tomatoes are coming off the times. Soon enough there won’t be any small tomatoes. And step daughter only eats the homegrown ones. The pumpkin flip wasn’t part of her lunch order, but she loves them to death. They offer chips and ice cream to the kids at the cafeteria, but I like knowing she can have a treat that she picked out at the store.

I don’t make homemade soup for her. We sometimes have some leftover from dinner the previous day, but this is what we’ve got around the house. She shifts between Chicken Noodle Soup, Beef Barley, and a grilled cheese sandwich. We might have to do grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup sometime. Now that Autumn is here, more homemade soups will filter into the mix.

Pretty simple post today. I think the board really helps. I’m going to have her write out her lunch each week and let her pick the soups she wants. It really helps get the picky eater to finish their food when they are given a choice. I might have to try some macaroni and cheese some time too. Are there any lunches you like to pack for your kids?

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