The Hat

Most of my October rambles will end up getting pushed back to November. So by the time you actually read this, it will be a much later date. It’s past mid-month already. The wee human (my stepdaughter) has had her Fall break and now a cold front has rolled into our region. Not just the normal brisk Autumn chill either. It’s been down in the upper 30’s and lower 40’s. A surprisingly frigid cold.

My MIL bought a copy of Alice Hoffman’s The Book of Magic. I started reading it and it brought me to literal tears. All of the Halloween stuff really put me in the mood. I’ve got so many feelings right now. Even if Halloween is over, that doesn’t take the witchy mood away for me. I wanted a warm hat for the Autumn and Winter months so I started making this one with some thick yarn from Walmart.

It took me a bit to make this one, but that was mostly because I haven’t ever done something like this before. I’m starting on making a gray version for my SO right now since I’ve gotten a good understanding of “how” to make the hat. He doesn’t want a witch hat, his will be a “wizard” hat. But close enough that the pattern is the same. YAY

I used this pattern, but did a double stitch instead of the single. And I didn’t need to do as many stitches because of this. Also, it’s a bit taller than hers. I didn’t use wire in the brim of the hat either. I’m using a bit of foam and felt to give the hat a more upright shape as well. I’m looking forward to wearing this for the rest of the cold months though. Even though Halloween is over! I’m not just an October witch gal.

Moral Fiber’s Witch Hat Pattern

It’s super comfy and only took three balls of yarn from Walmart to make. So around $12 with tax for materials. What’s your opinion of it? My SO joked when I first started it that I looked like David the Gnome like the old cartoon, right? I suppose if I did a red hat like his, it might look like that. I might have to look for a Christmas hat pattern after I finish my SO’s hat.

I had to put markers around the brim to help me keep count while I was doing the brim. It’s got an interesting curl to the top. It’s very warm over my ears as well, but it stands a bit too tall when I’m in the car. I won’t drive with this hat on either, since the brim might block my periphrial vision.

Anywho, I’m still a bit awkward getting back into the blogging stuff right now. I’ve definitely hit my manic phase so my brain is all over the place. And after taking such a long break during October, I’ve gotten out of practice. Oof. Thanks for reading, guys.

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