Platinum End


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Ever since he lost his family in an explosion, Mirai Kakehashi has lived a life of pain and despair. Every day, he endures abuse at the hands of relatives who took him in. As his anguish steadily chips away at his will to live, he is eventually pushed to the brink. Prepared to throw it all away, he stands on the edge of a precipice and takes the leap. However, instead of falling to his death, he enters a trance where he meets a winged being who claims to be his guardian angel. Named Nasse, the angel offers him two priceless abilities and convinces him to go on living.

When Mirai experiences the marvel of his new powers firsthand, he gets a taste of the freedom that was locked away from him for so long. Armed with Nasse’s gifts, Mirai is flung into a showdown with 12 other individuals, one of which will be chosen to become the next God. In stark contrast to when he wanted to end his life, Mirai is now prepared to do whatever it takes to protect his bleak chance at happiness, lest it be wrenched from his grasp forever.

Honestly, this anime doesn’t really seem to be good for most people’s mental health. It’s a touchy subject in general especially over in the Japanese culture, but especially here in the American culture. I just finished a lot of my current Fall anime though so I was cruising for a new series to watch. I don’t have a Crunchy Roll subscription right now so I tend to stay a few episodes behind the current one.

I was really hoping for some good feels when I read the synopsis about this series, but it has some really crazy feels and I’m only on episode 2. There is gore and suicide in the first episode. So be ready for that. I really hope that as this series goes on that it will restore my faith in humanity, but I’m not sure that’s really going to happen. This series is probably going to be an emotional roller coaster. Which sometimes is a nice thing that helps you work through your emotions.

We get some great lines like Mirai quoting his mother saying: “Everyone is born with the goal of finding happiness, and everyone lives with the aim of attaining even greater happiness.” And then the oof moment of: “If you’re not happy, you can’t be truly pleased for others when they find happiness.” Mom goes on to say: “Unless everyone is happy, you can’t truly enjoy your own happiness.” That’s what she believes. OUCH, MOM.

But I don’t recommend it if you’re in a fragile mental state. I’m going to go binge-watch the next two episodes. Wish me luck! If I don’t post tomorrow, assume I’m in a puddle of my own tears under a blanket somewhere. (Seriously, I won’t skip posting. Writing these blogs has really been the highlight of my days since I started.)

Are there any animes that you guys can think of that touch on mental health? Life, death, and the sort. Let me know in the comments! See you tomorrow.

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