Karate Seminar in Honor of Charla

At the end of October, we had a karate Seminar in honor of an Isshin Ryu practitioner who passed away suddenly in 2020. Due to the pandemic lockdown, the seminar was pushed back. Overall the seminar managed to raise a nice donation of $750 to go towards East Tennessee Children’s Hospital and $100 to the church for kindly allowing us the use of their space.

This was my first karate seminar as an adult. I’ve gone to Tae Kwan Do events as a youth, but I never really practiced any martial arts while I was an adult until recently. It was a lot of fun and definitely an interesting experience. I was running around taking a lot of photographs most of the day, but there were so many interesting subjects covered.

Some of the different talks were “Suruchin: Flexible Weapon of Okinawa” by Scott Britt, “Framing Mechanics of Sanchin” by Eddie and Danny Satterfield, “Weapons of Tokushinryu Kobudo” by Danny Smith, “Torite Jutsu” by Mike Patrick, “Stances: Breaking the Line of Attack” by Darren Gilbert, “Tegumi: Traditional Okinawan Grappling” by Mike Allen, “Shuji No Kun (Yammani Ryu)” by Dave Higgins, and “The Mother and Father of Isshin-ryu” by Jim Alley. Charla was actually Mister Alley’s wife.

I posted all the photographs from the seminar online, but here are a few…


I haven’t had a chance to work on the video I took, I’m not even sure how it sounded in the echoey gymnasium. I just sadly hit such a hard wall after the event that motivation has been next to zero. I’m working hard on a commission piece right now as well. So hopefully I’ll have some things to share with you all in the near future.

Thanks as always for reading my post, guys!

Urgh. Oh no. I found footage of myself in the film portion. I took a screenshot of it. BLERGH. This is why I prefer to be behind the lense.

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