More Seminar Footage

Eddie and Danny Satterfield gave a really insightful talk about Sanchin Stances. I’ve uploaded all the video footage I took to an album on Google. I have to say I really enjoyed this one and the information I gathered during this portion of the seminar could have easily taken up most of the day. SanchinContinue reading “More Seminar Footage”

TESO – PvP Fun Time Edition

Important Things I Always Forget to Remind Myself DAILY REMINDER: Up your riding skill. You can only do this once a day, so remembering to do it on each character in game is very important. You’re SO slow without it. Food Check! Do you have your food active on your character? It makes a difference.Continue reading “TESO – PvP Fun Time Edition”

“Take a picture it will last longer.”

I started doing photography again back in 2019 when I started karate. Albeit, I’m not great at it. I really need to hone my skills and work on the quality of my photographs. Honestly, I’m sad I didn’t take more photographs throughout my life. I’ve had at least two concussions in my life. Once IContinue reading ““Take a picture it will last longer.””

Too Early for Christmas?

When I try to stretch back to thoughts about Christmas, it feels like a string of very, VERY bad memories. A decade of pain with my ex-husband. A lot of questions about whether I was loved, deserving of love, and struggling with my depression. Christmas 2008 held a lot of triggering events towards my homelessnessContinue reading “Too Early for Christmas?”

It’s your Birthday …

My stepdaughter used to watch Sarah and Duck when she was little. And I continued to watch it as one of my background sounds and a way to relax. I was devastated when Netflix removed it. More recently, my stepdaughter was talking about childish things. She accidentally wore a Doc McStuffins set of sunglasses, whichContinue reading “It’s your Birthday …”

Karate Seminar in Honor of Charla

At the end of October, we had a karate Seminar in honor of an Isshin Ryu practitioner who passed away suddenly in 2020. Due to the pandemic lockdown, the seminar was pushed back. Overall the seminar managed to raise a nice donation of $750 to go towards East Tennessee Children’s Hospital and $100 to theContinue reading “Karate Seminar in Honor of Charla”

The Elder Scrolls… ONLINE

So I’m a bit of a nerd. Or is it geek? In this case, I play MMO’s. Massively Multiplayer Online games. I got my chops wet with World of Warcraft. Was a long time fanatic in City of Heroes/Villains. Champions Online. I met my SO via Guild Wars 2. And my current, and one ofContinue reading “The Elder Scrolls… ONLINE”

Platinum End

TRIGGER WARNING: THIS ANIME HAS STRONG TOPICS SUCH AS SELF-HARM AND SUICIDE. You can watch the trailer here. Synopsis Ever since he lost his family in an explosion, Mirai Kakehashi has lived a life of pain and despair. Every day, he endures abuse at the hands of relatives who took him in. As his anguishContinue reading “Platinum End”