Tell Me Your Pet Is Spoiled Without Telling Me…

Your pet is totally spoiled.

Pictures are just a tiny bit blurry, but it’s hard to take a photograph with your phone while holding a fork out for a dog. My MIL usually asks me to make her Goldie Doodle an egg when I make myself eggs. Today I made myself Tamagoyaki (Japanese Rolled Omelette) so that’s what he got to eat. He loves eggs…

Back when we first got him, my MIL made boiled eggs for some recipe. There were 14 eggs in the bowl. We all went out to do some work in the garden. When we came back into the house the eggs were gone. MIL assumed FIL had put them in the fridge, but they weren’t there. Our Goldie Doodle burped and then we knew the truth… he’d eaten those eggs, not a single crumb left behind.

Just so you know, we don’t let him eat that many eggs on purpose. And the cook the dog an egg thing isn’t an everyday occurrence. Just a sometimes special treat sort of thing.

My own version of breakfast was a little fancier than the pupper’s. I did some rice and diced up some avocado to go along with it. I still really haven’t gotten used to rolling Tamagoyaki yet. It’s been a while, but my stepdaughter has mentioned wanting to try foods from anime lately. Curry. Bento lunch boxes. I figured I should start getting used to making them a bit easier so I can let her try one.

Here’s the recipe I usually refer to most. I love Just One Cookbook. I need to actually get her book because it has a ton of useful information in it. Eventually one day when my SO and I finally move on to our own place, I’ll have to have an entire shelf in the kitchen dedicated to cookbooks. Yes, you can always look for a recipe online, but printing out a recipe or having one in a cookbook means you can write notes. Make a recipe your own. Add details that the author online might not have though to put down.

Anywho, thanks for checking out my food porn today. Are there any foods from anime that you’ve always wanted to try? Or any recipes you’d like to suggest? Say hi in the comments or something. It always makes me happy to see how many people view the blog. It’s okay if you’re shy and don’t want to. I understand. See you, tomorrow!

Published by Erin Seto

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