Double Digits

My stepdaughter turns 10 today! Very excited for her. Birthdays aren’t a huge celebration for my SO’s family, but I think it’s going to be a decent day for her. We’re sending cupcakes with her to school today. I believe they eat those at morning snacks since the 4th graders have a late lunch. She’s so lucky because this is the last week before Christmas break. Tomorrow isn’t even a full day.

A few weeks ago, we went ahead and gave her one of her birthday gifts early. She got a new office chair to sit at while she does computer things. She plays primarily on my SO’s former computer tower. When she’s a bit older and has demonstrated some responsibility, we’re going to get her a newer setup. Since FIL upgraded the television in the living room, my stepdaughter got the old television. It was formerly my screen and is rather big. Imagine going from your cellphone screen to a tablet screen. I’d say that’s an equivalent ratio change.

She likes the new television quite a bit though. It’s one of those smart machines that you speak into the remote to get it to do things. She doesn’t know how to enunciate very well though. I have a Southern drawl and the remote still tend to recognize my voice better. Ah, but I’ve gone off on a tangent!

So the birthday girl will be having cheesecake at home because apparently, she doesn’t like icing that much. (I think that’s something she’s parroting from someone else.) Which is all good! I don’t have to make the cheesecake so that’s one less thing on my plate. I’m not sure where we’re getting the cheesecake from yet. She’s going out of town this weekend with her Mom and Stepdad. So they’ll be having some big celebrations with them.

Since we spent the big bucks on the chair and other things for Christmas, I tried to do my best to give her a few things to open on her birthday. I found a gorgeous, sparkly hair decor thing. The rainbow ice cream and the fidget cube were $5/each at 5 Below. The cute jar was a dollar store find. I’m going to fill it with M&Ms (her favorite candy)! I made the necklace myself with beads and a charm I thought reminded me of my stepdaughter. The glasses case was a Dollar Tree find. As well as the two cute Birthday boxes.

I’m going to have it all wrapped up and give it to her some time today. I’ll post a photo when I’ve got one. Just thought I’d share my budget presents! Altogether, I think this was under $20. I don’t know the price of the M&M’s since I haven’t hit the store yet. Not that I’m being cheap for my stepdaughter. The office chair we got her was about $60. It’s also the thought that counts, right?

Haha, I don’t know. Birthdays don’t happen as much for adults. And part of me dreads it because every year just reminds us how much older we’re getting. I personally love to celebrate my friends’ and loved ones’ existence. Happy Birthday! Cheers to another year on this Earth with you. Even if it’s just a cupcake and a little something I found, I want to appreciate you.

Just as I appreciate each of you who reads my posts. It really does boggle my mind that people continuously follow my blog. Thank you.

EDIT: Tuesday afternoon! I got everything done. Whew. What a rush.

M&M’s in the jar and Harry Potter cupcakes ready to go to school on Thursday. We have a cheesecake for Birthday celebrations at home.

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