Blue Period – Art Anime

I binge watched all 12 episodes of Blue Period in one night. You can find it on Netflix right now and I actually plan to let my stepdaughter watch it. Since she’s been interested in art. She’s gone to art camp in the past. And sadly, they don’t seem to touch on art as much as they should at school. They don’t really “study” art in art class as much as I feel like they make craft items.

As a former art student, I feel like this series is a really great one exploring the growth of a young artist that had no experience before the story line starts. Art school in Japan seems a lot more difficult that what I’ve experienced over here in the USA. *cough* I never finished my art degree due to depression, but we’re allowed to sign up for large student loans at 17/18.

Just to say how much I enjoyed this series… I took notes!

Good Artistic Compositions

  1. Main Flow – Visual Flow
  2. Fits the Theme
  3. Makes the Viewer Focus on Key Elements
  4. Makes the Viewer Look at Every Corner

My favorite quote from the series, “Great artwork makes it look like the artist drew what they sat, but the pieces are meticulously calculated.” It’s paraphrased, but that’s the basic gist of things. It’s made me really crave some painting. That and art Tik Tok. I need to find some watercolor paper and try out some of the paints my sister gave me for Christmas.

Finding a good subject to paint or draw is hard. Any suggestions?

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