Hand Crocheting

I had a few balls of the same yarn and wanted to try something new. The super thick yarns are so expensive for a ball. Like $20 a ball. Using the “thick” yarn and quadrupling it, I was able to do some interesting hand crocheting stuff. It’s really relaxing doing it with your fingers, pulling the strings, and such. It took a bit of practice doing and redoing it until I got to a comfortable place.

I tried to make a scarf but realized I wouldn’t have enough yarn. So I started on what will eventually be a pillow, maybe? I need to finish the bottom, but I don’t have the funds right now to be buying 4 balls of yarn, even if they are only $4 for each ball.

I love the idea of those super bulky blankets that people hand crochet or arm knit. But after doing some projects I realize now why things that are handmade on Etsy cost so much. A hat is usually 2 balls of yarn. A moderate-sized scarf is 3 balls. And you just go up in size from there. The little blanket I’m working on is one of the larger projects I’m working on. But ADHD brain has lost interest in crocheting so we’ll see how long it takes to finish that project.

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Published by Erin Seto

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