Nostalgia Doodle

I was playing around with something I used to do when I was a kid all the time. Really mentally and physically exhausted. Went hard in karate class today. Came home, passed out for a few hours. Oof. I thought about this because my stepdaughter was recently doing to pointy S-shaped thing we used to do in grade school. It felt nostalgic to draw this. Though I’m not sure if I should have put the square in or not.

Here’s how it looks without. I also shaded the colors as opposed to just flat coloring. We got the Inktober 52 prompt on Thursday so I’ll be working on that soon. Survived another day! Thanks for stopping by, guys.

Published by Erin Seto

Southern Peach 🍑, in her 30’s - Artist 🎨 + Bibliophile 📚 + Geek 🎮 + Nerd 👓 + Animal-Lover 🐾 + Bipolar Disorder 💢 x Anxiety 😨 x PTSD 💣÷ DBT Therapy ✨ + Mental Health Matters 🧠 = ME 👩🏽

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