Shopping Therapy

One of my medications wasn’t ready last week so I had to go back to the pharmacy to pick up the missing one. (My pharmacy that helps me get my medications for free/cheap is about 45 minutes away.) Since I rarely go to the town and was already there, I stopped at a few shops for some shopping therapy.

I didn’t end up getting the White Rabbit Matcha candy because I knew I’d end up eating it and ruining my dieting. But I’ll probably get some next time I hit the Asian store with my stepdaughter. The container was really cute too. We’re planning to do chicken hibachi tomorrow so I stopped off at the Asian store for some napa cabbage, daikon radish, and zucchini.

Lunar New Year is coming up soon! My SO’s family doesn’t celebrate, but I used to more frequently with my Ex. With the keto diet in the household, I’m not sure which foods would even be safe to serve for it. I’ll have to do some research on that…

I had never heard of Ollie’s before, but the Books-a-Million by the Asian store went out of business and was replaced with an Ollie’s. Ollie’s is a big store retailer that sells items from closeouts, excess inventory, and salvage merchandise. You can’t guarantee that the things you need will be there, but there are usually interesting items to be found.

We needed some more sauce dippers for ketchup, ranch, and yum yum sauce so I got two of the ceramic ones. A steal at thirty cents apiece ($.30 x2)! In the same section, I found a cute-looking “cauldron” type vessel. That was only sixty-nine cents($.69). The square ramekin was the same price. I plan on using it for watercolor paint. They actually had some decent yarns there too. I didn’t want to try and start a huge project (you need to buy in bulk for blankets and other pieces). But I plan on going back when I have the funds to get some yarn. I grabbed this scrubber yarn for a dollar and some change (normally $5 at Hobby Lobby). My original intention for entering the store was to look for some cards. I’m planning on writing some letters to my family and I like finding blank cards to do so in. Those were just below two dollars for the box. And the dog journal was the same price. ($1.99)

So I spent a whopping ten dollars ($10). Ish. I love stores like this. I know that you can nickel and dime yourself to death if you buy too much, but I have a rule that I don’t grab a cart if I don’t have a shopping list. It can still end poorly, but it’s a much lower chance.

Does anyone else find shopping therapeutic? Or dangerous? Thanks for reading! I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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