Inktober 52 Week 2: DECAY

Was a bit torn when I first started thinking about this one. I have the Tangled Series stuck in my head, but I decided against anything specifically Disney-related for the Inktober 52 stuff. Wither and decayEnd this destinyBreak these earthly chainsAnd set the spirit freeTake what has been hurt (ah, ah, ah, ah)Grant them noContinue reading “Inktober 52 Week 2: DECAY”

Keto? Chaffles to the Rescue

My family, except myself and my stepdaughter, are eating keto. I’m doing caloric restrictions via fasting. I’m almost back to my pre-COVID weight~! One of the things we’ve been working on is finding keto-friendly foods to replace some of the things everyone is craving. Keto food is pretty decent for me as well, because IContinue reading “Keto? Chaffles to the Rescue”

You Spin Me Round Right Round

Excuse the blur. It was still moving a bit. My stepdaughter got a subscription for a Christmas present. One of those STEM things? Last month’s project was this paint spinner. This month’s hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s like a bubble lamp/lava lamp type thing. SO today was all about assembling this thing. You use theContinue reading “You Spin Me Round Right Round”