Twosday and Note Taking

Twenty more days until the 22nd. Which by most countries date conventions would make it:



Remember the Japanese book from the library? I sat down and started taking some notes. God, I wish my notes in high school/college looked this neat. I didn’t have the time to focus on my notes when I was younger. I’d likely have to record any lectures I attend now if I went back to college. I have a really hard time focusing on what is being said and copying down that information at the same time.

Learning how to pronounce the vowels first seems to be a very important part of learning Japanese. There are some good notes on the different parts you need for learning it. I’m also using a few websites to supplement my information on top of what’s in the book.

Oh man, that page that I photocopied is SO blurry. Urgh, but yeah. I need to find a workbook to practice the kanji with. I’m not good at writing it at all. The basic principles behind it make sense, but practicing is always the best way to learn!

I’m off to practice Japanese. Enjoy the rest of your Two month. Or Ni month! See you tomorrow.

Published by Erin Seto

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