Seichin Kata

So after having to quarantine for a week and a half (stepdaughter had COVID and although we didn’t get sick, we wanted to be safe), we got to finally go back to training in Uechi Ryu. We’re currently working on Seichin kata now that we are Green Belts (Gokyu)

Memorization and learning what each move does functionally has been the biggest thing Sensei McGee has been assisting us with right now.

Seichin (十戦 ) literally the « ten fights ».

Seichin (十戦 )  is considered as the most Chinese kata with circular techniques, use of cat stance, whip-like dragon style.

Sensei McGee is walking us through the steps, but we’re also pulling from videos to see how other people do it. Sensei Chip Quimby has a great Youtube channel and you should really check him out. Compared to a lot of other “how-to” videos online, he shows you and then goes over it again in a clear and concise way. I love how crisp and deliberate his movements are.

Definitely long term goals for what I’d like my martial arts skills to look like.

Sorry for the short post today, but I’m still feeling kind of off. I had my blood sugars drop down to 50 again during Uechi Ryu training today and it feels awful. I tried to eat something to bring the levels back up, but it’s a struggle. Thanks for stopping in and reading!

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