All the Tea

My MIL loves the Homegrown Herbalist. And my stepdaughter has recently joined us all in loving tea. In an obsessive range. A while ago, while we were at Ollie’s, she bought a glass tea steeper mug/bottle thing. So for today’s lunch, she requested that I make her some tea.

There are so many teas in the sampler pack. If you’re interested in it, check it out here.

I didn’t take a picture of my stepdaughter’s tea because it was just the plain hibiscus tea.

I sipped the Mint Lemonaid one while I was making her lunch/breakfast. It tastes really good. Like mint lemonade. Very soothing and my nose was happy to get the citrus scent since the crazy weather has been giving me a bit of a sinus issue. If you like tea and supporting a small business, I definitely suggest checking this place out.

There was one tea that was called “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Coffee” that apparently tastes like coffee without any caffeine. I … was hoping for the caffeine, but oh well. I might give that one a try for one of my latte-type beverages. This really makes me want to have a little tea party soon, but that might be hard with my SO on the keto diet. We’ll have to see what I could make that is keto safe. Does anyone have any ideas?

Anywho, thanks for stopping in today and reading.

Published by Erin Seto

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