Tonight was the Daddy-Daughter dance. So I sat at the local Wendy’s and enjoyed myself some dinner while my SO and stepdaughter had fun. It was relaxing and only about an hour and a half of waiting. I saw a group of girls there who were much older than my stepdaughter and it gave me a glimpse into our future.

#Wendys – Love me some sassy Wendy’s

My MIL wanted me to stop by and get some chicken because it was supposed to be on sale, but apparently, the weeks were off? There are bird flu issues over here in the States, so stock up on your poultry while you can. The prices are already rising. The sale was supposed to be $1.99 for chicken breasts, boneless and skinless, but of course last week they were entirely out of it.

Now, this week, there’s meat, but it’s not on sale. And the price hurts my wallet to look at it.

Soon it will be time to start our seeds for the garden. We always get things revved up in February so that by the time it’s warm enough to put things outside, they’ll actually be a decent size. MIL has the green thumb, so I’ll just be doing as she orders. I am missing our chickens though. We used to have chickens before MIL’s leukemia got really bad. We let the last of our flock go to a family member and retired the chicken house.

I’m not sure that I would ever want to eat the chickens that I raised from babies for meat. But the eggs were always a very nice thing. They taste SO much better than the store-bought. And that’s not even bias talking. Our chickens were so spoiled and ate well. Anything that was safe for them to eat that was leftover, went into their bowl.

They were incredibly sweet and easy to handle. Buff Orpingtons if you’re interested in raising chickens. Other than during brooding periods, they’re angels. I think my stepdaughter wanted to do chickens for 4H, but we’re not really sure how much we’ll be tackling that sort of thing long term. While they are sweethearts, they require TONS of daily care and upkeep, which is still hard to do right now.

Anywho, thanks for stopping in today!

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