Testing Out the New Phone’s Camera

After having the same old phone since 2018, I mentioned upgrading. It actually has a “food” setting on the camera. Which is pretty neat. I have wanted to do more food photography, but I’ve been lazy about creating a backdrop and lighting station for it. From what I can tell, the “food” setting is just blurring the edges. Which is nice? I guess?

I made tea for my SO and me since we’re still feeling under the weather! This London Fog is so tasty. Someone online bought it for me as a present. It was on my treat Amazon list. Thank you so much, lovely person~!

My SO’s workweek started back today and I ended up making some kimchi for him. I didn’t make a normal batch because the last batch spoiled before he could finish it. Apparently, this batch is super spicy. I can’t handle the heat so I haven’t tried it. The recipe is from a past post if you are interested.

There was so much extra cabbage. I’m not sure what to make with the excess… Cabbage rolls? Stir fry? Egg foo yung? The latter is very tempting, but I don’t think my family will eat it so that’s probably not high on the choice list.

I might make a small batch of rice tomorrow though and try a small bit. I love the way it tastes. It just burns soooo much.

Last food porn photo. We found the snack-sized low-carb tortillas. They work so nicely for the individual pizzas! I can’t recommend them enough.

We’ve got a PVP event happening in ESO right now. I’ve been … chipping at that painfully. And a friend wanted to try GW2 so we’ve been over there. I’ll probably share some stuff from that tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by, guys~!

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