Video Games – GW2 and ESO

My SO and I have been playing Guild Wars 2 for a really long time now. And the new expansion is actually finally something storyline-wise that we are both interested in. We’re finally going to a zone that we’ve been dreaming of for ages! Cantha! It’s the Asian area of Tamriel.

A friend wanted to try Guild Wars 2 so that was another incentive for us to jump in. By the way, I actually met my SO via Guild Wars 2. We were friends long before we ever started dating. He was a friend of a friend that I roleplayed with at one point. We eventually started dating about a year after my ex-husband left me for another woman.

I had a cute character from back in the day who was very … childish. So I decided to give her a makeover with one of the new hairs available in the game. And made her taller! She got a major glow-up. I’m not sure if it’s really noticeable in the screenshots. She went from minimum height slider to maximum height slider!

I’m really out of practice with this game. I just ran through the tutorial. I have a ton of max-level characters. And when you buy the expansion, you also get a token to level a character to 80. After playing with a controller for so long in ESO, it’s going to be interesting to readjust back to the keyboard and mouse. I’m a little worried it will cause my wrists trouble again.

If nothing else, I look forward to seeing how the plot goes. We’ve been playing for so long at this point that I feel obligated to find out how things are going to go next.

On the note of expansions, it does feel like quite a few games are doing that right now. My other MMO announced details about their expansion coming this summer. We’ve gotten used to the yearly updates. I mostly relish the idea of all the new building blocks we’ll receive with the new area. Making houses in the Elder Scrolls Online is like Sims for me.

High Isles will be the new area for ESO. I have high hopes that they’ll actually make it the way they teased during their Twitch live stream. I.E. Promises of Arthurianesque feelings. Knights of Old. That’s not coming until this summer at least.

It’s currently Whitestrake’s Mayhem event over in the game I only have two more achievements to be done with holiday achievements for this character. And it’s the really hard ones. It’s actually felt a lot harder in the PvP zones with the event going on. You would think an event would make it better, right?

But more people means more lag. More people also means longer waits to get into each area. A lot of the more dedicated PvPers are also farming and ganking the casuals who are just trying to get their daily missions done to get tickets. *cough* Like me. *cough* I am at most, only average when it comes to PvPing. It’s fun and I sort of having an idea of what to do…

I’m not good. But at least I have fun?

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