Inktober 52 – Week 5: SQUASH

I’m not quite sure who is coming up with these prompts… they’ve been very odd. #Inktober52 #Inktober52Squash Part of me, after I had already started sketching … was like. OMG, I should do the Other Dad from Coraline. I watched that movie like 8 times in theaters when it first came out. Then when myContinue reading “Inktober 52 – Week 5: SQUASH”

Keto “Scalloped Potatoes”

It’s zucchini and squash. Someone said it looked like Ratatouille, but the sauce is what makes it like scalloped potatoes. It’s a really simple recipe that my MIL just jotted down from the internet, but thankfully I’ve been trying to decipher her recipes into something more coherent lately. Typing it up also makes it easierContinue reading “Keto “Scalloped Potatoes””