To Boldly Go…

The graphics for Guild Wars 2 aren’t as nice as the Elder Scrolls Online. It’s an older game. I understand that. But I do love the locations in Guild Wars 2. I’m planning on eventually getting the new Canthan Guild Hall for my guild: Quaggans Unruly Adventure Gang [QUAG]. But that’s 100 gold that I’ve got to farm up first. Oof.

One of the reasons I question the graphics in GW2 is things like the above. This is the cooking crafting area in the starting human city, Divinity’s Reach. All of the new zones have gorgeous scenery, but some of the older zones just look phoned in. They’ve done tons of quality of life updates with the game, but graphics was not one of them.

I might be too much of a roleplayer, but the proportions for this stove are so off. My character is a minimum slider human female. My SO’s character is a minimum slider norn male. The cooking space is very cool, but as a house decorator in ESO, I can’t help but think: “How do they reach the stuff in the big stove? The wood in the fireplace is nowhere near the same as the wood they have on the shelves. Oh man, the things on the shelves are 2D graphics…

I don’t do a lot of computer graphics, but I’ve been tempted to try lately.

When I’m bored, I’ll run around and look at different parts of the map. I realized in Lion’s Arch that they got a bit lazy… Now that we’ve got mounts in the game that can go places we never were able to go before, they’ve had to put up invisible walls everywhere… but they didn’t do anything cosmetic to hide things.

Dear Arena Net, please give me a job as a Quality Assurance tester… I don’t even want money. Just give me pretend clothing in-game. Haha, I only jest a little bit when I say that. I was part of the Beta program for Champion’s Online when it was developing. That was definitely a fun time in my video gaming career. I would say I’m a good midline MMO player. I prefer PVE, but PVP does interest me. I’m usually very interested in the storylines, as long as you give me interesting characters to become invested in.

Let’s be honest, we all want our characters to be important when you’re playing a game. It’s fun to explore imaginary worlds and discover new things. It gives us a chance to do things we can’t do in our normal everyday lives. My SO and I are still slowly chipping away at the End of Dragons expansion storyline, but I can’t help tackling it slowly. I’ve seen so many people who have powered through the content and are saying, “Now What?

It’s like marathoning through a show then getting to the end of it. You want to know what happens, but it’s a bittersweet finale. Is this the last expansion for GW2? Will there be another Season of the Living Story? If this is it, what does that mean for the game? And does that mean they’re working on or will start working on Guild Wars 3?

Sorry for all the MMO content lately. If you can’t tell, gaming has been taking up my attention lately. My SO and I met through this game and we both enjoy playing it quite a bit. Thanks for stopping by today. I’ll see you tomorrow. ❤

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