Kyne’s Aegis

My ESO crafting guild does a weekly event where they drag 2 newbies along during a Trial. Trials are really tough. I have barely done some of the easy ones in the past. Some of the newer ones are insane. Like dedicated players actually have to try for these.

The Trial in question was Kyne’s Aegis and completing it in Veteran Mode is required to get the Nord Fishing Boat. There are a lot of special mechanics that you need to understand to be able to make it through the entire trial. You need 2 tanks, the main tank and off-tank, 2 healers, the main healer, and the off healer, and then the other 8 party members are DPS, which is damage.

With these runs, the guild is able to drag 2 very new people along with the rest of the group in the DPS roles. I was happy to say that even though I’m a complete “noob” to this sort of thing, I did not end up dead on the ground the ENTIRE time. There were only a few full party wipes (everyone died) and that didn’t even happy during the final boss.

It “only” took us about an hour and a half to do this. And that was with a smooth run. I never thought I’d ever be able to get this trial done. I had been wanting the boat for a long time for my house decorating. Typically, if you are a clueless newbie, you’d have to pay someone millions of gold in-game to be dragged through a Trial.

So I greatly appreciate my Crafting Guild: Craftaholics. They’ve also been an amazing guild for learning how to sell things in-game. I’m not great at it yet, but it’s affordable to do with them since we typically have a good Guild Trader in a popular zone in-game.

Haha, sorry that today’s post was so heavily MMO and such. So happy to have my fishing boat in my seaside house: the Colossal Aldmeri Grotto. Thanks for stopping in!

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