Snow Day(s)

Okay, so this entire Winter, we haven’t had really heavy snow. Just a few “decent” fall of snow for our location. This week was a huge storm. Normally, when we get snow up on the mountain, everyone else off the mountain does not. So we’re the only ones who usually get stuck. Sometimes my SO and I miss karate because of this. This weekend’s storm was big enough that the main city an hour south of us was hit hard.

Nothing tastes better on a cold snow day than some Udon noodles in soup! With an egg cracked in.

Our karate class was canceled. My stepdaughter went to her mother’s a day earlier than normal because there would be no way to get her off the mountain after this storm. Thankfully the power company had been doing a lot of maintenance recently so no branches went down on the power lines and there was no loss of power for us. We brought a ton of wood inside to build a nice fire and it’s been a peaceful weekend.

My SO’s workweek starts back on Sunday so yesterday I tried to make him something nice. He’s lost 20 pounds so far on the keto diet! It can really be hard for him though. I really need to get back on my healthy eating kick as well. Urgh, I’ve fallen so far behind him. Too much sushi and other goodies! Eating ice cream with my stepdaughter. Especially the other day, she requested ice cream so we stopped at McDonald’s. She was going to only have a cone, then she remembered that they have McFlurries and that child is a fiend for M&M’s.

I had a Shamrock shake and I have to say that thing is crack for me. I still remember my first one. My bestie Jay and our other friend Morgan were astonished I’d never had one and bought me one while we were working together on some leatherwork pieces. I can’t in good conscience have one that often due to the HIGH sugar levels in milkshakes.

Someone on one of my TikTok’s made a poor man’s keto version of the Shamrock shake though so I made an attempt to copycat it. It’s important to note that I changed a few things about mine. His recipe involved adding ice. I tried ice with mine and found it very crunchy and not appealing. And the original creator, who I cannot recall off the top of my head, used Premier Vanilla Protein Shakes as their liquid. So that might make theirs a bit thicker. I didn’t have that and didn’t want to add protein powder to the milkshake.

With no particular amounts to measure, I used unsweet almond milk (because it has no carbs), mint extract, Greek yogurt, Sugar-Free instant vanilla pudding mix, a splash of DaVinci vanilla sugar-free syrup, and some heavy whipping cream (not pictured here). I think in the future I’m going to hunt down some mint syrup for this recipe because that might be easier. I did not use any artificial colorings for the shake because why spend $5 on food coloring for something like this.

I used ice cubes in mine so you can see the chunky consistency. It tasted good. I left ice cubes out of my SO’s shake and he loved it. So we’ll be doing this again in the near future as a guilt-free treat. I didn’t use any keto ice cream for this because most of the keto ice creams are sugar expensive for a small single serving.

Anywho, hope you enjoyed this post. Is anyone else here a Shamrock shake fiend like us? Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up this week.

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