Boba Obsession

Yesterday, I picked my stepdaughter up from her mom’s and brought her home. Fairly uneventful day. Besides the usual throwing all the errands into one trip since I was going out already. Sometimes I’m glad that I give myself extra time though. Because what could go wrong, did go wrong.

Walmart order took forever because … their computer system was down. As usual, there’s always a problem. After a long wait, they couldn’t get the scanner working and just manually searched for my order. And we all hoped everything we ordered was there.

After a long day of chaos, I won’t even go into detail about the rest, we had a relaxing evening at home and I thought what better way to end the evening? Boba Tea! My blood sugar was low enough that I could have something sweet. I’ve got to say, I really do enjoy the lychee-flavored pearls better than the black sugar. It’s not as bitter? Even though the black sugar looks like what I’m used to.

The powdered boba milk tea tastes a lot different than just brewing straight tea. Kind of different in the same way that green tea and matcha are completely different. A very mild flavor. The lychee pearls actually weren’t strong enough in flavor that they’d be overwhelming. I threw some in with my orange soda later just to see how they’d act in something carbonated. (There’s a highly strong chance I might try adding some to melon Ramune in the near future.)

I know, I’ve been Boba obsessed lately, but honestly, I’ve really only had tapioca pearls in my tea about … once a week or every other week? At this point, I’ve concluded it would be much easier to get the ingredients from your local Asian store or online rather than pay for it at a store. If the act of going out and buying it makes you happy, then you do you. I know it’s probably the same reason some people pay for Starbucks instead of making their own. (I like having Starbucks or whichever Coffee Shop is available when I go to a bookstore. It’s part of the bookstore visiting experience for me. But I never just stop at Starbucks for “coffee”.)

I’ve made my SO the keto version of the Shamrock shake a few times this week so that’s already become a cost-effective/diet-friendly solution. Plus trying a few different changes to the way I make it has helped improve upon it.

The mixes for Boba tea are usually anywhere from $5 to $20 dollars depending on the size. The pearls are about $4-6 depending on if you purchase them in-store or online. (I’ve done price comparisons.) You can and should buy reusable straws if possible. But the large milkshake/boba tea straws were only a few dollars as well in the store.

I think I’ll probably order some of the color tapioca pearls in the future just to try them out. And I bet you can save even more money by making your own pearls from tapioca flour, but I am so lazy. I want 5 minute easy pearls versus handmaking my own.

I haven’t gotten the chance yet, but I’m going to order these two items for the Shamrock Shake improvement:

I really love the DaVinci flavoring syrups. I might order some of the other flavors as well so we have some variety to our shakes. I’m still trying to figure out how to make the shake thicker without using actual ice cream. Or ice. Because I can never seem to get it blended enough. Maybe if I had smaller ice cubes, but that’s not a viable option for me right now.

Anywho, thanks for stopping by today. I’m so sorry I’ve been Boba and Milkshake obsessed recently. I think it’s just one of those passing fixations. I’ll see you tomorrow!

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