The Keto Diet Cookbook

I checked out an interesting e-book from the library on Libby. I don’t usually do e-books because I don’t really like reading on my tablet. It doesn’t feel as nice to me. I’ve become a little more inclined to at least “try” reading on the computer sometimes. And I’ve found that the things I want to photocopy are best on the computer. At least then I can do a screenshot and save something.

My SO and Inlaws are doing Keto still. So I’m trying to find different things to make our lives easier. I’ve only made it partially through the cookbook so far and here are the ones that really jump out at me. We were lamenting about sushi. Mostly my SO and MIL were, but I thought that these don’t sound too hard to do.

The sad part about most of these Keto recipes is just the fact that the substitutions really take forever to make. I honestly like eating my carbs still. I have blood sugar lows so I sometimes need to be able to eat something to raise those lows. I.E. It was like 43 the other night and I felt HORRIBLE. I thought I was going to die. Thankfully my SO got me a spoonful of peanut butter.

The Keto Creme Brulee is something that I’ll be trying really soon. I love anything custardy and creme brulee is a huge weakness for me. I used to make a low-carb flan all the time back when my mom and I were on the Adkins diet.

Do you have a favorite food to eat while you’re dieting? Or just a favorite food in general, I suppose. Everyone always says the key to a good diet is that it’s not a diet, it’s a habit that becomes part of your everyday routine. I think that’s why I haven’t found a “diet” that I’m willing to take on beyond portion control and calorie counting.

Anywho, this one accidentally got left sitting in the cue so I’m going to go ahead and push it through. It was dated for earlier, I swear! Thanks for checking it out, guys.

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