Guild Wars 2

I got on a doodling kick, but I haven’t finished any of the doodles that I started. So you guys get some work-in-progress stuff. I’ve also got to catch up and do last week’s Inktober sketch. Oof. I’m behind. I’m so manic right now that I have a very short focus on most things.

Well, maybe most things except roleplay. Getting back to Guild Wars 2 has really sparked my creative writing streak. I’ve got a few really nice people that I’ve loved interacting with despite all the other issues going on around us. Even if you’re in a video game, sometimes you have to navigate social situations that just hurt your brain.

It was mentioned, since we’re in a different world in Guild Wars 2, instead of saying “Like a Bull in a China shop” … we ended up saying “Like a Springer in a Canthan shop”. And that would not leave my poor brain. Because the Springers have been so hilarious. Poor mounts that everyone attempts to use to get around or get to high places. And you usually end up bashing your mount’s head on some kind of overhang. So I’m just imagining this giant bunny in a ceramic shop, derping.

The tail needs work and I think those plates near its booty need to get moved. Overall for a quick sketch, it’s not horrible at least. I’m not sure if I’ll ever actually finish it, but it was fun to draw something just to draw it today. I’ve really wanted to do more sketching and I’ve been too tough and judgemental on myself for it.

Thanks for stopping in! Until next time!

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