Sippy Cups

I have an obsession with cups. We’ll just say that. Right now I don’t even know where half of my Tervis cups are. And I did lose one of my favorite owl cups and my sugar skull Tervis up to my job at a call center. I had a nervous breakdown, hyperventilated under my desk, got sent home. And just never went back. So that cup was surrendered. That was also a terrible job. Cussed about regularly by customers. Not allowed to have my diabetic supplies on the call floor with me. And just not paid enough to care.

My owl mug collection is also likely somewhere in the storage unit. Which I still haven’t gone to check out yet. It was super hot one day then super cold the next day and then the depression hit me like a ton of bricks. So energy and motivation levels plummeted. Below I have posted some pictures of current and past cups that I’m just in LOVE with.

I have a few shaker bottles as well. I really do love protein shakes, but I’ve been looking into getting something easier to prepare them in. When I was regularly dieting and doing intermittent fasting, the shakes were something nice to start or end my eating cycle with each day. I also have an adorable water bottle that my youngest niece gave me for Christmas in 2019. I still treasure it and use it regularly!

I found a favorite one, but I just currently cannot justify the price. Even on sale, the Blend Jets are $50. For a single, one-person blender. Oof. Dear, Blend Jet, will you sponsor me? Haha, I only jest just a little bit. I’m in love with the Lisa Frank ones. If I could get one of these, I’d probably start drinking some protein shakes more regularly. Right now, I have to get out the Ninja blender and fill it, then clean it up and put it away so it doesn’t get in anyone’s way. This one is an all-in-one.

So, why am I talking about cups? My MIL unaffectionately calls them sippy cups. Especially ones that are like jugs. My stepdaughter has gone through 3 “water bottles” this year. One was cracked. Another lost. And one was technically one of those tea strainer bottle things. But it was made of glass so that one shattered. So I recently went on a mission to get her a new water bottle that doesn’t cost a fortune, because if she loses it, we’re out $20. We also need one that is sturdy enough to survive a 10-year-old’s lack of awareness. My stepdaughter and I have cruised Amazon looking at different cups and we have a list that we’re both obsessed with right now.

We checked at Walmart because usually, that’s the best bet. You’ll find a cheaper affordable one that you won’t cry if you lose it. I embarrassed her greatly by making her test drop them in the store. She refused, so I dropped a few. They were loud. But we needed to know. Buying one that broke was not an option. I didn’t break any in the store, either! Just warning you before you get up in arms. I just wanted to confirm before we chose our favorite one. At the time we first bought these, my stepdaughter got the rainbow-colored one. I actually wanted one too, but they didn’t have any with the loop left. Someone had broken a ton of the loops. So I got the blue, strange patterned one.

The strap makes it perfect so you do NOT lose the lid! Its size fits in most cup holders and in the side pocket of bookbags for children. (My stepdaughter loses things left and right and forgets her lunch box every other day because she insists on carrying her bookbag, lunchbox, and water bottle separately.) We’re trying to streamline that. I even got her a lunch box that’s handle can clip so she could just attach it to the outside of her bookbag. So stubborn.

It doesn’t leak. It doesn’t sweat. And you can do hot AND cold liquids. Yes! You can make hot tea, which my stepdaughter is obsessed with right now. And it doesn’t heat up the outside of the bottle. On cold mornings, I’ll fill her bottle and lunch thermos with boiling hot water to bring them both to temperature. Then make her lunch and tea. I pour out the hot water and add the intended items to their containers. It isn’t too loud when it hits the ground, but it’s also sturdy enough to withstand a clumsy kid. I actually recently went back to Walmart and grabbed a rainbow one for myself. That way, when I start working out again I’ll be able to pack cold water or a hot drink. Maybe both since I have two now.

The best part of this all? The bottle costs $7 and some tax. You can’t beat that price. I highly recommend grabbing one before they stop stocking them at Walmart. Okay, okay, so that’s the end of my sippy cup obsession. For now. Does anyone else love drinking vessels like me?

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