Project You

This is one of the e-books that I got from the Libby Library app online. The book claims that you’ll find activities, exercises, crafts, and recipes to help you calm your anxieties, overcome that overwhelmed feeling, find inspiration, take control of nerves, feel confident, accomplish your goals, burst into laughter, and generally feel great. WhileContinue reading “Project You”

Saint Patrick’s Day … and a Full Moon

How do you Keto when the Irish holiday is about potatoes? My MIL made some amazing food for Saint Patrick’s Day yesterday. We had corned beef, and instead of potatoes, she made radishes with cabbage and carrots. Then coleslaw for extra cabbage. Everything tasted amazing and we even took a plate to our Isshin RyuContinue reading “Saint Patrick’s Day … and a Full Moon”

Inktober 52 – Week 10: FLIGHT

Oh man, it’s crazy that it’s been 10 weeks of prompts so far. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day if you celebrate that sort of thing. It’s really just like any other day for me. I really only care about the holiday when it concerns Shamrock shakes… Haha. Maybe an excuse to eat Corned Beef and HashContinue reading “Inktober 52 – Week 10: FLIGHT”