Belated Anniversary Hijinks

From the creator of New York Times bestselling manga That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! comes a feel-good romance about a teenage girl whose passion for photography leads her to a new school, a new dorm, and a new love triangle!

“Mako’s always had a passion for photography. When she loses someone dear to her, she clings to her art as a relic of the close relationship she once had … Luckily, her childhood best friend Kei encourages her to come to his high school and join their prestigious photo club. With nothing to lose, Mako grabs her camera and moves into the dorm where Kei and his classmates live. Soon, a fresh take on life, along with a mysterious new muse, begin to come into focus!”

For our anniversary, my SO and I went to have lunch together. We had Chinese because that’s at least a bit low-carb for him. Then we went to the Books-a-Million that’s a few towns over. It was depressing to realize they’ve gotten RID of the coffee shop in the bookstore. Like … that was 90% what I was looking forward to there. Does anyone know why they did that?

They had so many TeeTurtle stuffed animals at the Books-a-Million! My SO let me pick out a book, but we did not get any of the stuffed mood plushies. Sad. Sad sad. At least I know they’re there now. Instead of trying to order one online at Amazon and waiting forever for it to ship. As much as I love online shopping, sometimes the instant gratification of in-store shopping is worth it.

My SO got me the Love in Focus manga because I really wanted it. I usually only buy complete collections or one-shot novels these days because series are so expensive. Especially when manga cost so much for each novel. This one was thick and cost $20. I saw a bunch of other novels I wanted at the store and attempted to curb my urges by taking photos of the novels I wanted.

I read a tip somewhere that when you’re shopping with a child, taking a photograph of something they want helps assuage them. I’m a child. Let’s just admit that. Things at the store are usually more expensive and when I want away from them, they’re usually less tempting. It’s when I still have the urge to get them LATER that I finally act on those urges. Like the label maker.

These two books caught my eye. I might see if I can find them online or through the digital library.

That was pretty much it for our little date. We’re book nerds and homebodies these days. What would you usually consider a good date? Maybe we got too used to staying in with COVID and the quarantine, but I don’t really have that many adventurous date ideas that I wanted to do even before the pandemic.

Thanks for stopping in today! Catch you tomorrow!

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