Inktober52 – Week 14: EYE

Another Inktober 52 prompt! I’m surprised how well this has been going. I don’t really have much to say about this one. I saw the prompt and knew exactly what I wanted to draw this time.

Old testament angels are described as interlocking wheels and covered in eyes. So … enjoy this one.

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Published by Erin Seto

Southern Peach 🍑, in her 30’s - Artist 🎨 + Bibliophile 📚 + Geek 🎮 + Nerd 👓 + Animal-Lover 🐾 + Bipolar Disorder 💢 x Anxiety 😨 x PTSD 💣÷ DBT Therapy ✨ + Mental Health Matters 🧠 = ME 👩🏽

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