Sexual Assault Awareness Month

TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual Assault discussions


I was assaulted in high school by a friend. I had a crush on him. He was dating one of my friends. Even after it happened, he never fully considered it rape.

I wasn’t even aware that April was SAAM until recently. A brave little girl in one of my communities is currently facing the piece-of-trash who assaulted her at a sleepover. She is SO strong!

I pray the outcome of the trial ends with Justice. At the very least, I hope that facing this head on was something that will help her heal.

Nearly two decades after my own assault, I can say that we don’t handle things the same. Everyone heals differently. I have no desire to face the person who assaulted me.

It won’t do anything except stir up old memories that I’ve come to terms with already. I’ve learned a lot through the years. Listening is so important. When someone trusts you enough to confide to you important information, listen.

I’ll end it on that note. I know I could rant on this subject for far too long. I wrote so much more then deleted it. I can’t think of an eloquent way to say things.


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