The Strange Things I Love

I’ve been struggling with making posts again. Things have been really rough here. My stepdaughter has a tone of 4-H things happening soon, we have a lot of karate-related activities, and I’ve had to step up and help out around the household a lot more for my MIL.

The other day I had to take her to another one of her eye appointments. They did some laser work and afterward, we decided to get her eyedrop prescription. Why go out twice when gas is so expensive, right? It wasn’t ready yet, so she suggested I look around the Dollar ($.25) Store while she napped in the car.

I found some great finds. I was a sucker for some DumDum Tropical suckers. I really need to find some sugar-free suckers online soon. I’ve got a real problem with oral fixations and suckers tend to also help me take my mind off hunger. But normal ones have a lot of sugar and calories! I found a TINY tin of the Danish Butter Cookies. I snacked on those, but I really got it because it’s the PERFECT size for a miniature sewing kit.

The cat insisted on joining in the photographing. I got some flavored water because that’s my current jam. What flavor of neurodivergent are you where plain water just horrifies you? I got some containers for organizing. And some small wreaths to make myself a wreath like the one at the quilt shop Mr. Bones visited. (I might not make mine sewing-related, maybe art or video game-related instead.)

I also found ONE cutting mat at the Dollar Store. I didn’t see any more. But this small one seems perfect. I have a larger one as well, but when I’m doing miniature work, I’ll probably use this new one. And FINALLY, I found some Rock Star energy drinks for my SO that only have 1g of Carbs. He more recently realized that the Splenda packets he used in his coffee have 3g of Carbs EACH. So if he puts 3 packets in his coffee, that is 9g of Carbs. And he’s been trying to stick to 10g a day. YIKES.

Overall, it wasn’t a huge shopping spree, but it definitely was a nice little trip while I was killing time. I really need to check out those larger Dollar Tree stores that I’ve seen in other areas, but I just don’t have an excuse to drive that far away from the house right now. It’s probably better for my wallet if I don’t. What are some of the strange things you buy that make you happy?

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