Chicken Salad

Typically, when I cook, I prefer to have exact amounts. But I’ve learned through the years to estimate pretty well when it comes to cooking and even baking. I.E. Making mug cakes and such. Since an exact amount isn’t always feasible.

My MIL boiled two boneless and two bone-in chicken breasts. They cooked until the bones were very soft! After her eye doctor visit, she was in no shape to cook, but she wanted me to make some chicken salad. And it was a pretty easy task.

I deboned the breasts and then shredded the four pieces into small bites. It wasn’t even that hard, the chicken was so soft and tender. This isn’t normally the consistency that I like to work with for chicken salad, but I was really glad it was moist instead of dry meat.

I diced up one sweet onion, but only used about 3/4th of it. Then I used the small bit of celery we had in the fridge for this. I just had to eyeball things in the bowl and hope for the best. MIL is the type that puts a bit of pickle juice in her chicken salad, so I used some of the garlic pickles she likes. Along with the normal mayonnaise, mustard, salt, and pepper. I don’t put a ton of mayo in mine, I like the consistency not to be too heavy.

After the chicken salad was done, I also strained the chicken broth into mason jars using a cheesecloth to get all the gunk out. We’ll probably use these sometime this week so this won’t get canned or anything. I might even use a little to make myself some rice tomorrow.

I’ve got a very small batch of egg salad in the fridge, so I might serve my SO up a salad lunch. Egg salad, chicken salad, and maybe a garden salad. I would LOVE to eat a batch of pasta salad right now, but with everyone else except me and my stepdaughter doing keto, that wouldn’t probably be the best idea. SIGH.

So who else tends to guesstimate and cook with their heart when it comes to measuring? Or are you by the book types? Anywho, thanks for stopping in today! Your presence is always appreciated.

Published by Erin Seto

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