I have been playing Elder Scrolls Online for years and just now FINALLY, finally was able to accomplish the Grand Master Crafter achievement. It was rough. It was time-consuming. It was expensive in-game. And I’m left feeling a bit empty now that I’ve accomplished it, but at the very least, I don’t have to do it anymore?

This is just a preview of all the different things you have to do as a crafter to be able to get this achievement. You get the shiny title and some colors along the way for the achievements. And then… You get a hammer skin as well. That I can’t seem to find in my preview so I’ll just link it here.

It’s honestly not as big as you would expect a forge master’s hammer to be, but I’ll take it. And now I can buy more recipes… urgh, this just makes more work for me, but it was fun! And I feel so good to have finally accomplished it! I had a ton of help from guild members and some of my friends. So I owe them a big round of thanks.

Sorry if this post seems so dull, but this felt like a big thing for me at least! I’ll catch you guys tomorrow.

Published by Erin Seto

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