Let’s Learn Japanese

I’m still working on learning Japanese, but I’m not very great at picking it up. Probably because I’m learning by myself and not really doing much beyond reading some books about it. Hearing it and speaking it always has helped in the past when I took foreign language classes in high school and college. I need to start listening to a few audiobooks on learning Japanese. I just don’t spend that much time in the car to be able to do that. Maybe while I’m sitting at home cleaning…

This one book I picked out was for children, but I absolutely LOVE it.

Cacciapuoti has an interesting drawing style. I’d love to see what other books she has written and illustrated. I don’t want to share the entire book, but it just has a bunch of the basics that you need to learn for Japanese and I love how simple and easy it is to understand.

It starts out fairly easy, teaching you the basics of the written Japanese language. Something I think that’s very different from English.

Basically, the book goes over some really simple subjects such as a normal children’s book. Animals, body parts, family members, places, items in your home, etcetera. I’m not going to share the entire book, just some of the illustrations that I found really adorable.

The body part section was just too cute not to share. I also love the English font that was used for this book. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s too adorable. Maybe I’m just a bit kid at heart, but books like this make me a lot more excited to learn a new language rather than the normal adult how-to novels. Hopefully I’ll start picking things up better soon!

Thanks for stopping by. See you guys again tomorrow! We’ll be welcoming in the month of May!

Published by Erin Seto

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